Go from obscurity to authority in your niche in just 6 weeks.Learn how to stand out and build a high-trust personal brand on the Internet effortlessly.Join BIPF, an actionable 6-week online program and a curated community of ambitious founders and leaders who come together to rapidly accelerate their online presence. Through creating strategic yet authentic content on X, Linkedin, newsletters and podcasts.Our cohorts are small (<20 people) so you get personalized attention, feedback on your content, proven templates and playbooks and peer-to-peer accountability.




"I can confidently say, joining BIPF was one of the best choices Ive made this year. SO much value and insight, but above all, being surrounded by ambitious, resilient and uplifting founders. Highly recommend for those willing to take the next step!"



"After joining BIPF by the legend KP I’ve started taking major steps to building an engaged online community, and know I have the tools to succeed. One thing I loved about the fellowship was also the people I met, who shared my interests and struggles and have helped me progress! Highly recommended!"

"The Build in Public Fellowship has been a game-changer. I’ve always hesitated to share my work publicly, however, BIPF provided me with all the tools and environment to break me out of my shell and embark on the build in public journey with confidence. When I started BIPF, I had <5 tweets. After, I have over 1000 tweets and launched my first idea publicly! If you’re ready to start building in public, BIPF is the place to do it."


Our alumni and members are from world-class institutions and communities like:
Y Combinator. On Deck. Entrepreneur First, Antler, Goldman Sachs. X (formerly Twitter), Microsoft, Harvard, Stanford etc.

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Building an authentic personal brand on the Internet is overwhelming and hard.If you're in this journey, below are some or all of the problems you likely face today:❌ You struggle with consistency when it comes to crafting content and building your voice in public❌ You feel cringe and uninspired when you scroll through the junk content on X or Linkedin (and don't want to be like them)❌ You feel confused about what tactics to apply and whether you’re moving in the right direction with your content❌ You get stuck after a few days of publishing to X or Linkedin and the writer's block prevents you from publishing anymore❌ Your content is all over the place and not strategically aligned to help your business goals/ customer pipeline❌ You don't know how to stand out and showcase your expertise in your niche❌ And the worst of all? You might be close to burning out after seeing minimal or no results to your business growth from your organic content effortsThis is all too common. Many of our Fellows had these challenges too.At BIPF, we offer the better way.Designed meticulously by our founder KP and a roster of all-star X and Linkedin experts, the BIPF curriculum addresses all of the above pain points.BIPF helps you:✅ Learn effective content design systems and daily rituals that make consistency 10x easier✅ Learn examples and case studies of how reputed creators avoid cringey tactics (like outrage bait or engagement farming) and still grow✅ Get personalized guidance on how to apply proven playbooks (like ICEE: “Inspire, Celebrate, Educate, Elevate”) so you second guess a lot less✅ Get access to easy-to-start templates and blueprints so you won’t have to stare at a blank page ever again✅ Get personalized guidance on how to design a content strategy that’s unique to your business so you attract 2x more customers and partners✅ Learn how to find your unique voice, angle and topics of expertise and how to weave them into your online presence✅ Get personalized guidance on how to get business results from your content work but also find joy in the journey

"The key—if you want to build habits that last—is to join a group where the desired behavior is the normal behavior. In the long-run, the people who succeed are the ones who want to live the lifestyle that precedes the results."- James Clear



🏆 “Became an official Linkedin Top Voice” (achieved by our Fellows Vinamra and Sepideh)🏆 “One of the top spots on Product Hunt” (achieved by our Fellows Maya and Matt)🏆 “Acquired 4,000 users on the waitlist” (achieved by our Fellow Kwaku)🏆 “Launched podcast that broke into Apple Top Charts” (achieved by our Fellow Jim)


The program is best suited if: (you meet one or all of the below)✅ You're a founder currently building (or has previously built) a 6-7 figure revenue business✅ You are looking to invest and grow your personal brand on the Internet (Linkedin or X) and become a top voice in your niche✅ Your business has high ticket sales offerings i.e. agencies, coaches, or VC backed startups✅ You want to build an authentic brand and expand your customer reach vs just vanity metricsIdeally, in the interview process we look for Fellows who already resonate with the power of building in public.Other common traits our best Fellows have:→ Ambitious and driven
→ Radically kind and generous
→ Love to apply what they learn
→ Curious and coachable
→ Willing to play the long game
Here's a link to our alumni Fellows

Note: Contrary to popular belief, building in public doesn’t mean extreme transparency all the time risking your customers and business. It is a broad philosophy of sharing, has many flavors and you can create the one that works for you.


We typically run 3 live sessions a week for 6 weeks, 12pm ET.All session topics are independent of each other and will be recorded in case you can’t attend.The curriculum is a blend of tactical teachings, interactive group discussions and actionable review sessions. Led by KP and a roster of top experts in respective platforms (X, Linkedin, newsletters etc)We also have laid back social mixers and parties so you can get to know your cohort better.Throughout and after 6 weeks, you’ll still have access to each other via Slack.Check out the full curriculum of our last cohort hereCheck out a sample live session from our last cohort hereHere’s our incredible guest speaker list.


Get access to 100+ proven formats and styles of content sourced from top founders and creators building in public. Inside, you'll find actionable tips, frameworks and playbooks that are simple and directly applicable. Feel free to remix, reuse and iterate on them.


There are 3 pricing tiers based on the value offered.TIER 1💡 You get:✅ 6 week cohort, 1 year Slack access, lifelong access to learning resources and recorded videos✅ 3 core sessions (live) each week 60 min long, 12pm ET, typically Monday, Tue, Thursday✅ Get a personalized content plan (to create consistency in your content) for you based on your business goals, niche and style (along with 100s of templates you can reuse or remix)✅ Lifetime access to the digital product: Build In Public Founder’s Manual (worth $149)✅ Access to up to 2 personal deep dive sessions in the cohort with KP for feedback and guidance on your build in public strategy (tweets, newsletter posts etc.) (worth $814)✅ 1 BIP Swag Kit (worth $100)✅ Accountability buddy system (to network and leverage the support of like-minded founders and leaders pursuing similar goals)✅ Limited to only 20 spots, this is the last cohort for 2023 so save your spot soonThe price is $1500 [You can pay once or in 4 installments]. If you apply before Oct 20, 2023, you get 25% early bird discount.

TIER 2💡 You get:✅ Everything in Tier 1 (above) plus access to our highly beloved weekly Mastermind sessions with me and your Fellows for accountability and deeper support✅ Access to WEEKLY personalized 1:1 tutoring sessions with KP to review your content for detailed feedback and accountability (6 hours in total) worth of $2,442✅ A Featured ad for your business /project on my newsletter that goes out to 7k people (worth $500)The price is $2500 [You can pay once or in 4 installments]. If you apply before Oct 20, 2023, you get 25% early bird discount.

TIER 3💡 You get:✅ Everything in Tier 2 (above)✅ Plus deep writing/consulting help from KP / the team for your content. And 1 month of extended support beyond the cohort. This is for super busy founders and execs.The price is $3500 [You can pay once or in 4 installments]. If you apply before Oct 20, 2023, you get 25% early bird discount.


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hi, i'm kp 👋

I’m KP and I love helping founders and building communities to serve them.In 2018, I was a no body in the tech / startup world. I had 414 followers on Twitter and a dead-end corporate job in Atlanta. But as I got deeper into the no-code movement online, I fell in love with building in public which became the theme of my career ever since.Because of that I have been able to accomplish the following inflection points:
✅ Got hired to lead multiple paid communities and educational programs for founders at On Deck and Day One with over $1.5m in revenue across 5 cohorts and 500+ paid Fellows (customers)
✅ Built a Twitter audience of 47,600+ and a world-class network of investors, VCs, founders, creators and more✅Built 2 SaaS platforms in public and grew them to profitability✅Built a profitable newsletter with over 7000 subscribers from top startups✅ Created a podcast with 77 episodes (and counting) with top tier guests like Gary Vee, Alexis Ohanian, Sahil Lavingia etc.✅ Shipped over 15 side-projects like Cuppa, LetterDrop, Nocode Hub, Do Things That Don't Scale and many more. (Got acquired 2x)✅ Helped over 90 startups launch on Product Hunt with several landing the top #1 spot (winning 2021's Best Community Member Award from Product Hunt)Tbh, my whole career has been built in public (see my full bio here) and I intend to do so for the next few decades.Finally, feel free to check out the below deep dive interview of me being featured on the "Indie Hackers" podcast. This episode captures my career arc and my "build in public" philosophy quite clearly:

Thanks for your interest!

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